Nagaland Service Conduct Rules

(3) Subject to the provisions of paragraphs 3 and 5 of Regulation No 5, the appointment referred to in Article 4 (1) shall be made in the order of the names appearing on the list drawn up and communicated by the Commission. 2. The audit shall be conducted by the Commission in accordance with such rules and regulations as the Governor may make from time to time in consultation with the Commission. (2) A person who has more than one living woman may not be appointed to the service; (3) If the confirmation of a member is delayed beyond two years during the probationary period because he is not entitled to such confirmation, he loses his seniority in the order of seniority vis-à-vis his non-commissioned officers, who may be confirmed earlier than him. However, his original post may be reinstated only after subsequent confirmation in the same grade. (2) Every probation officer shall, during the probationary period, successfully complete such training as the Governor may prescribe from time to time and sit and pass such ministerial examinations as the officer has organized by the Commission. 2. The salary of a member of the service, upon confirmation, shall be fixed at that stage at the rate corresponding to that roster, as if he had received his usual allowance; However, he is not entitled to arrears because of the deduction of the allowance due for the period preceding the date of his confirmation. If a serving member of the Government of Nagaland is prevented from joining within this 30-day period due to circumstances of a public nature or for reasons beyond his control, the Governor may extend this period for a reasonable period in the interest of the public service, depending on the circumstances. 3.

No person may be appointed to the service if he attempts to support his candidacy, directly or indirectly, by means of a written or oral recommendation. (2) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1), the seniority of a member of the service recruited under section 4 (2) who, prior to his appointment to the service, held a post of comparable importance and responsibilities to those of the Nagaland Civil Service (Class II) shall be determined on the basis of: continuous service in completed years with one year`s seniority or every two full years of service in the Previous service is counted with a maximum length of service of 3 years. (b) have completed at least five years of continuous service with the Government. (3) if the Governor is satisfied, on the basis of information received concerning his or her nationality, age, state of health, character and background, that the probationary officer is unfit or otherwise unfit to perform his or her duties; or A communication from the DIPR drew attention to Rule 25 of the Nagaland Civil Servants Conduct Regulations, 1968, which prohibits government employees from participating in any form of strike or supporting any form of strike. There is no legal provision allowing workers to strike. The Supreme Court has also agreed in several rulings that a strike is serious misconduct under the Code of Conduct and must be dealt with in accordance with the law, he said. The Government of Nagaland has instructed public service doctors not to engage in activities or communications that violate the rules of conduct of Nagaland government officials. Any violation of these will result in disciplinary proceedings against government employees under the Code of Conduct, she warned. In the exercise of the powers conferred by the reservation formulated in this article.

309 of the Constitution of India, the Governor of Nagaland is pleased to promulgate the following rules concerning the recruitment and conditions of service of persons appointed to the Nagaland Civil Service (Class II). (ii) its services can be used more cost-effectively through appointment as a service; (3) The Governor may, for such period as he directs, withhold one or more allowances due to an essential member of the service who has failed to pass the departmental examination or examinations within such time as he may order by general or special order. The withholding of such a surtax has no cumulative effect. (1) By means of assistance provided by the Commission. The Government may reserve 80 per cent of the total vacancies created in a calendar year for the direct recruitment of candidates from Naga tribes and other non-Naga communities permanently residing in Nagaland; 4. The inclusion of a candidate`s name on the list of successful candidates published in the Official Gazette shall not confer any right of appointment unless, after investigation deemed necessary, the Governor is satisfied that the candidate fully qualifies for appointment to the service. 6. The list finally approved by the Commission shall be communicated to the Governor, together with all documents received in pursuance of paragraphs 4 and 5 of Article 6. 3. The Commission shall draw up a list of all candidates who have qualified for the test, in order of merit, determined on the basis of the overall marks of each candidate. and if two or more candidates receive the same marks, the Commission shall rank them in relative order of merit, determined on the basis of the candidates` general suitability for service: 2. In the event of promotion of a member of the service to the selection grade, the initial salary during that period shall be determined in accordance with the principles applicable to that determination in accordance with the Central Basic Rules and the Central Rules.

Ancillary provisions or other rules currently in force. If a trainee officer does not have the opportunity to take the required training during the probationary period, his confirmation may not be delayed on the grounds that he has not successfully completed that training; but such a probation officer shall, at the request of the Governor and if he has the opportunity to successfully complete such training, failing which he may be removed from office unless the Governor grants him other options. The state government issued an order to civil service doctors citing the Nagaland Government Civil Servants` Rules of Conduct, 1958, which prohibits government employees from sending or publishing statements of fact or opinion to the press or public statements without prior government approval. In an order, the state Ministry of Health and Family Welfare ordered government doctors to take note of and refrain from any activity or communication that violates the Nagaland government`s 1968 rules on servant conduct. The government warned that any violation of this disciplinary measure against government employees would result in the Code of Conduct. (4) No member of the Service not referred to in subsection (3) shall be confirmed in the Service unless he or she passes the departmental examination conducted in one of the Nagaland languages spoken in Nagaland and those approved by the Government for that purpose. A member of the service shall not be entitled to his usual salary increase in his grade in accordance with Article 20(3) if he fails the departmental examination organised in one of the Naga languages accepted for that purpose, except under Article 20(1). Here you will find the laws and rules of the Nagaland State Government. Users can get an annual list of state laws and regulations. An annual list of amendments to the various legal acts is also available. A detailed text on each act is also available. 2.

Upon the entry into force of these rules of procedure, the number of staff in the service and the type of posts contained therein shall be set out in Annex I. (d) proof of prior service; and further considers that the maintenance of public health and sanitation, including hospitals and pharmacies, are essential services under the Nagaland Maintenance of Essential Services Act of 1978. “The proposed excitement will result in severe disruptions to medical care and public health services and therefore risks endangering the lives, health and safety of the state`s population.

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