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Zayid A. Saleem, Esq. Police Counsel Memphis Police Department 170 N. Main, 11th Floor Memphis, TN 38103 ext. (901) 636-6614 F. (901) 522-2069 Zayid.Saleem@memphistn.gov General and Administrative Law (G&AL): Leveraging the multidisciplinary legal talents of a team specializing in contract law, ethics, employment law, tax law, government information and privacy law, as well as in other areas of administrative law, G&AL promotes compliance with and defends the agency against various administrative disputes in these areas. Learn more about G&AL An experienced lawyer should be able to communicate a basic roadmap on how to proceed. The lawyer should be able to guide you through the expected process, important considerations, and potential pitfalls. Once you have presented the facts of your situation to the lawyer, they should be able to formulate expectations and likely scenarios to help you understand your legal problem. Field Legal Operations (FLO) is the largest component of OPLA and includes the 25 field offices in the United States. Each OPLA site is run by a chief attorney who leads DHS advocacy in local immigration courts and the Immigration Appeals Board.

FLO also provides a full range of legal services, including customs and labour advice, to the local ERO office and the HSI office of the relevant Special Representative. The Office of the Chief Legal Counsel (OPLA) is DHS`s largest legal program with more than 1,300 attorneys and nearly 300 assistants from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Under this Act, OPLA acts as DHS`s exclusive representative in immigration deportation proceedings before the Executive Board for Immigration Review and litigates all deportation cases, including those against criminal non-citizens, terrorists, and human rights violators. Questions or comments about policing? Our email address is mpd@memphispolice.org. USEFUL LINKSThe Legal Department Online Claims Reporting SystemRequest for Public DocumentsCONTACTJennifer A. Sink, Chief Legal Officer125 N. Main St. Room 336Memphis, TN 38103901-636-6614Fax: 901-636-6524cityattorney@memphistn.gov MPD Police StationsThere are currently nine police stations in the Memphis area. Do you need a neighbourhood watch group established in your neighbourhood? Would you like to know more about the inner workings of MPD through the Citizens Police Academy? Contact your local police station for information about these and other community services offered by the Memphis Police Department. The legal department performs a number of important functions for the administration of the city. Lawyers work in two fundamental areas: contracts and litigation.

City attorneys working on contracts provide advice, oversight and review of thousands of contracts each year. City litigation attorneys are responsible for defending lawsuits against the city, prosecuting violations of municipal ordinances, and prosecuting plague and harassment complaints. City attorneys provide legal assistance to all government departments to facilitate operational needs and good government. Law Enforcement and Litigation (E&L): Through close client involvement and specialized legal advice, E&L pursues ICE`s homeland security and public safety mission by enforcing our nation`s immigration, customs, and penalties laws and policies, defending operational authorities and decisions of ICE agents and agents in federal courts, and representing interests. AIC lawyers before immigration courts and the AIC Board of Directors. Immigration appeals. with a particular focus on cases of criminal aliens, human rights violators and foreigners who threaten our national security. Learn more about E&L For most consumer law matters, the size of the firm is much less important than the experience, competence and reputation of the lawyer(s) handling your case. Some of the most important factors when choosing a lawyer include your comfort level with the lawyer or practice, and the lawyer`s track record in achieving quick and successful solutions to cases similar to yours. The Memphis Police Department provides policing services to more than 650,000 Memphis residents and visitors within a 315-square-mile area.

Mission: To create and maintain public safety in the city of Memphis. We do this with a particular focus on crime prevention and reduction, law enforcement and the apprehension of offenders. Vision: To create and maintain a public safety environment for the City of Memphis, known for its zero tolerance for crime and its compassion and responsiveness to the needs, rights and expectations of all citizens, employees and visitors. To report an EMERGENCY: Always call 911.To report other crimes outside the emergency or call the police: 545-COPS (901) 545-2677. Eric R. Atstupenas General Counsel Massachusetts Association of Chiefs of Police 353 Providence Road South Grafton, MA 01560 P. (508) 400-3726 legal@masschiefs.org OPLA also provides a full range of legal services to ICE programs and offices, including legal and supervisory advice to ICE staff regarding their customs, criminal law enforcement and immigration agencies, Freedom of Information Act and Data Protection Act, ethics, liability under the federal tort claims act and a range of administrative law issues. such as contract law, tax law and labour law. OPLA represents the Agency before the Merit Systems Protection Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Board of Contract Appeals. OPLA attorneys provide critical assistance to the Department of Justice in pursuing ICE cases and defending ICE authorities in federal courts.

Firearms Authorization: PLEASE READ BEFORE BEGINNING THE FIREARMS RELEASE APPLICATION PROCESS: It is strongly recommended that users read the Frequently Asked Questions section before submitting an application. Applications can also be requested at the security office at 170 North Main. OPLA departments are headed by a Deputy Senior Legal Adviser (DPLA) for enforcement and litigation, a DPLA for general and administrative law and a Chief of Staff. Personal jurisdiction – the requirement that a particular court has authority over a person to bind that person to the court`s judgment, based on minimal contact. International Shoe Co v. Washington is a landmark Supreme Court case that outlines the scope of a state court`s scope in personal jurisdiction. In addition to its headquarters in Washington, D.C., OPLA has more than 60 offices in 25 field offices across the United States. Across all locations, OPLA fosters an environment where all voices are valued and welcomes the unique perspectives and opinions that exist within a talented, diverse and inclusive workforce. With a much more diverse workforce than its peers in the private sector, OPLA prides itself on further diversifying the experiences, perspectives and characteristics of its workforce, and is committed to celebrating our differences and adopting practices that promote a fair, safe and inclusive workplace by promoting equal access to opportunity. Robert P. Faigin, Esq. Director of Legal Affairs / San Diego County Sheriff`s Office Sheriff`s Office Sheriff`s Department S.

858) 974-2255 F. (858) 974-2262 Robert.faigin@sdsheriff.org OPLA Chief of Staff: The CHS portfolio provides administrative and technical support and communications coordination for OPLA and includes tracking strategic priorities, tracking key performance indicators and promoting strong partnerships with implementing partners, as well as tracking various special projects. Learn more about the OPLA COS portfolio The City of Memphis Legal Department or U.S. Attorney`s Office is headed by Jennifer A, General Counsel.

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